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Established at year 2007, formerly known as communication division in Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology Institute, Aerospace Innotech Co.,Ltd (HTRFID) registered in 2011 with a capital of 50 million RMB. HTRFID focus on IoT technology and relevant RFID product researching, production and implementation, which is an important banner in the CASC group (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation), determined to become one of the world leaders in this field.

Aerospace Innotech (HTRFID) brings together a group of the domestic top IoT technical personnel, set up a professor, Ph.D. as the backbone of research team. HTRFID has its own HF, UHF and 2.4Ghz microwave three series of more than 100 kinds of products with independent intellectual property rights, is the only aerospace, military and industrial-grade IOT basic product customization, research and production capacity of enterprises. The products performance and applications have always been in the industry leader, widely used in the metallurgical, transportation, ports, automobile manufacturing and military applications, and exported to dozens of countries in overseas area. HTRFID always focus on providing customers with quality service, by apply ISO9001 and ISO14001 etc, strictly control the development, manufacture and sale of all aspects to ensure high-performance products.

In the future, Aerospace Innotech(HTRFID) will continually carry out technical and management innovation to implement "Aerospace spirit" and eventually develop into a  " first-class IoT technology manufacturer and first-class provider of IoT solutions. "

Corporate Honor
  • 2017年
    Aerospace Innotech Co.Ltd won the first round investment, lead by Aerospace IoT fund, registered capital change to 50 million RMB
    RFID Electronic Vehicle Plate products passed Country’s Ministry of Industry test certification
    Acquire GJB9001B Certification
    Acquire 2016 2.4Ghz active products “ IoT Start” award
  • 2016年
    Aerospace Innotech company labor union established
    Signed contract with the world's second largest pet devices manufacturer, develop pets real time tracking products and app platform
    Signed long time cooperation contract with CNPC and CASC
    Acquire 2015 2.4Ghz active products “ IoT Start” award
  • 2015年
    Aerospace Innotech’s RFID module and open system project won Nanshan government grant
    Acquire type C qualification of System Integration, 3C certification for handheld device
    Acquire 2015 2.4Ghz active products “ IoT Start” award
  • 2014年
    Become member of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industry Association
    Acquire “2013 China RFID industry's top ten most influential successful application” award
  • 2013年
    National High-tech Enterprise Certificate, ISO9001/IS014001 certification
    Acquire “2012 China RFID industry's top ten most influential successful application(MTR Train Axel Temperature Sense)” award
  • 2011年
    Aerospace Innotech Co.Ltd establishes, registered capital 10 million RMB
    Acquire “2010 China RFID industry's top ten most influential successful application and devices”
  • 2007年
    Formally established as “Communication Division” in Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology Institute
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